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Impact Windows Cost

Hurricane glass windows cost

Impact or hurricane-resistant windows and doors are structures that are built with special components. This windows and doors in comparison to those standards used. These special solutions are designed to protect your family, house structure and business as great investment as they are from hurricanes, tornado, great storms and other situations, even from intruders.

In order to achieve this goal, specialized companies focused on installing, building and designing hurricane proof impact doors and windows. The average cost of replacement windows are related to special glass pieces that apart from looking beautiful and clean. Energy efficient windows and doors are treated with components like polyvinyl butral or PVB, as well as ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA, making the glass resistant to impact thanks to the appliance of a layer of such element on the glass. Impact glass doors and windows installed by our company are able to resist flying objects, as well as strong winds that reach up to 200 miles per hour.

Regular glass pieces shatter almost immediately after impact and low winds and such fragments become dangerous. Hurricane-resistant glass breaks in a spider web pattern, not releasing even one glass sliver. The average cost of replacement windows depend of a quantity of hurricane proof windows and doors you have. Hurricane impact windows cost are to related to the impact grade you require.

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    Costs of impact windows and doors

    At present time, impact windows and doors costs are about 40 to 60 dollars per square foot, and while that may sound a bit expensive, actually this type of investment pays for itself through time, since insurance premiums are lower to this type of protection for houses and offices, as well as it means more protection for your family and assets by protection the integrity and structure of your home and business.

    For more than 20 years, we have been serving high impact glass to South Florida. We offer quick and professional windows, sliding glass doors and doors replacement and installation services to meet home or business improvement needs. we are your number 1 residential and commercial windows and doors service option in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.

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    Hurricane impact sliding glass doors cost

    That is why hiring specialized business companies on installing impact windows and doors is very important, mostly in regions that are prone to suffer from hurricanes and any other natural phenomenon, due to all the advantages it has respecting safety, insurance reduction in price and general protection to the whole integrity of residences and offices.

    Now, impact windows and doors installation comes with a specific cost that is higher than regular glass doors, sliding glass doors and windows that do not protect against strong wind and other situations. However, impact windows and doors costs are low in comparison to the advantages it offers, definitely paying for itself through time.

    Impact windows and doors have provided homes and businesses tranquility and security over time, as well as preventing external objects from entering your home or business when there is strong wind. Contact us today for a FREE cost estimate .

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