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Hurricane Impact Entry Doors

How to choose the best Impact Doors

It is a real danger stay without hurricane-resistant entry or front doors in a residence or business located in zones that are known for a strong storm season. People living or working there are at great risk, because exterior or interior broken doors are the first path for a construction to crumble down by breaking completely due to the strong winds and heavy objects flying to it.

However, with storm proof doors residence and business structure is safe. It is composed by strong pieces of glass, wood and fiber combined, also giving amazing look and protection for those people that live or work in such property from any object impact.

With hurricane resistant front doors there are other amazing advantages for the hiring owner. This entry doors increasing exponentially the resale value of the property, obtaining ninety nine percent protection for UV radiation. Also, hurricane-resistant doors are complete soundproof and low probability of leaking water or face dangerous sharp broken pieces of glass or wood.

Now that you know what to expect from your exterior impact doors you will have a much better understanding of the value you will be getting for your money.

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    Impact Sliding Glass Doors

    Now that you know all the advantages related to impact doors, you will be able to pick the best ones with our help and expertise. We are on its field for fifteen years now and involves great experience and specialized work teams.

    You are dealing with a trustworthy impact doors and windows company like our own. You will get the best hurricane resistant and storm proof doors. Always offering the ultimate materials with outstanding quality. Our experienced workers team with great knowledge respecting installing, designing and building doors and strong frames that endure extreme conditions or impacts on your house or business.

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    High Impact Door are Superior

    The first step to consider when purchasing and hiring solutions to install new  doors are materials and budget. Usually, this type of doors are built with wood, fiber and glass, with a combination of the three in some cases. However, such materials have great impact on costs and budget and their use depends on the amount of money the customer want to spend.

    Security companies might start by pointing out the benefits of impact, hurricane resistant and storm proof doors against break-ins and forced entry. While this is a definite advantage, as longtime South Florida residents we understand that this is just one of many benefits. More important to many families is the protection these doors offer during hurricane season. Whether from excessive wind or impact of  flying debris, our doors are designed to stand up to the most unforgiving elements and keep your family safe.

    Impact doors are also a great investment in your home. If you’re looking at sliding glass doors, French doors, patio doors or just a front door with some glass panels, these hurricane proof glass options will help better insulate your home. This means saving money on your energy bill. Many insurance policies will also provide discounts if the home has both impact hurricane resistant and storm proof doors and windows.

    Getting impact glass installation for your home is an excellent way to further protect your family and ensure you remain safe during the fiercest storms. With the addition of the potential savings, these doors make for an excellent way to invest in your home while providing for your family’s safety.

    We have several options to choose from when it comes to doors: French Doors, Sliding Doors, Estate Front or Entrance Doors, Commercial Store Doors. All our doors are high impact hurricane resistant and storm proof doors, constructed with industry leading laminated glass, to exceed hurricane impact ratings, provide energy savings, as wells as noise reduction.

    If you’re looking to get replacement impact doors in Miami, Broward, Palm Beach or any city in South Florida. You can always visit our showroom to explore your options. Call today for a free in-home estimate and we’ll find the doors that suit your needs.

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